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SE BMFA Teaching Activity

The SE BMFA Chair Stuart Willis started teaching at Warden Park school in Cuckfield in 2015. He was approached by the school to run an ‘After school’ plane club and in July 2018 he was joined by Rob Stanley (Chair – Slope Soaring Sussex) for the school ‘enrichment’ day (one day teaching children to build and fly a BMFA Dart). Since then both Stuart and Rob have been running the ‘After school’ club every week during term-time throughout the year and ‘Enrichment’ days in July each year. In order to be able to supervise the children both Stuart and Rob were granted Enhanced DBS Certificates which the school applied for.
During the time we’ve been at the school, we have taught a large number of students of all ages from year 7 to year 11 (ages 11 – 15) and both boys and girls. Each year we have taught approximately 15 to 20 students at the club.
These are some of the projects we have undertaken with the students during our time at Warden Park –

Chuck Gliders
We have made a number of chuck gliders including the following models –
KK Polaris– Designed for Keil Kraft in 1970,  Doonie – Designed in 1943, No. 4 Glider – Designed in 1945

Rubber Powered Models
These are some of the Rubber models we have made –
Ornithopter, Simplicity, Hangar Rat, BMFA Gyminnie Cricket,  VMC Pilot, BMFA Dart


Round the Pole Models

In 2022 the SE BMFA invested in some RTP equipment – 2 poles, 2 speed controllers, 1 transformer, 6 electric motors and some other ancillaries. With this equipment we were able to get the students to make RTP models and then fly them in the school hall.
To-date we have made 3 models
Barnstormer, Fulmar and Tiger Moth