Ashdown Forest/Long Man Subscription.

As you may know the BMFA has changed the way it funds the Areas. Up to now the South East Area has funded the licences for two flying sites, Ashdown Forest and Long Man, with assistance from clubs and the competitions that run there at the sites. But with the changes to Area funding mean that the full cost of the licences will have to be born by those who use the sites.

As of 2020 if you Fly on the Forrest but do not compete in the Free Flight Competitions then you will need to purchase an Ashdown Forrest Subscription.

If you fly at the Long Man site and you are not a member of East Sussex Soaring Association or Slope Soaring Sussex, you will need to purchase a Long Man Subscription

The subscription will cost £10 per annum per site and can be purchased online from the Area website at under the “Area Flying Sites Tab” “Purchase Ashdown Forrest/Long Man Subscription”

Once you have entered your personal details and selected which site you plan to fly at (you will need to purchase a subscription for each location), submit your Credit or Debit card details and you will then receive a confirmation email with your Subscription details, which you will need to have available if you get asked for it by Rangers on the Forest or by East Sussex Soaring Association members at Long Man. Please note the Card Payment System is the same as the BMFA GoMembership uses and NO card information is collected or kept by the BMFA.